A photo of mine this is like so old….and i look like barf…and glass glare….uuuhhhh…..


Welp guys today i was relaxing at home and i had this weird dream and long story short  wake up on a lab table and i hear “you weren’t supposed to remember…" creepy huh? Well dreams are sometimes like that.

And in the famous words of Salvador Dali “What you see here are just symbols. Surrealism is like a new language. Every object means something other than what it naturally appears to be. This watch, for instance — it symbolizes the relativity of time. “

I’m thinking ill do some research on it! Well im off my lovely followers!!!

"You’ll be in my heart" by Phil Collins is stuck in my head and just…ARGH!!!

I mean its a gorgeous, sweet song but now its like…stop playing in my head! I kept singing it all day and well…im a terrible singer so everyone was  criticizing me and just… /sigh

i wrote a poem in class yesterday and god it sucked…

but a friend of mine liked it so im posting it for you guys!!! enjoy!!

The stars bind us closer together.

Two lovers broken and destroyed unable to breathe…

Your broken sword…

My broken spirit and skill…

Together though…we will breathe

You just give me your air and I will give you my lungs…

Phil Collins - You’ll Be In My Heart with Lyrics (by Disney0Musical)

Dedicated to someone very special and near and dear to me they know who they are…

hey my lush babes so i went walking with my sis to a bakery to pick up a cake her daughter was gonna get (she was being a really really good girl about having her birthday skipped whilst things were happening and it was a sort of compensation and praise) so anyway we go in and this guy looks at my short hair and goes: “Are you a dyke?!” i said nothing and just ignored him as he went about calling out my style of dress.

Now lemme say this its never okay to do that! like ever!!!! Just cause a girl dresses masculine and has short hair does not mean you have to say that or call her out on it.

idk just…jfc

So its 6:39 I have school in an hour or so and then I have biology and my mother still hasnt given me my laptop back!!!!!!!!!!!! Just…come on already! And im assuming people have been sending me asks or messages on my tumblr or my personal tumblr or twitter or this chat thingy I go to regularly and its not fair to the people that are just taking time away to message or ask me if im alright or what not and also im quite sure ive worried a few people in fact sigh… The only thing I can do is wait until my mom gives me my laptop back…(im using my sisters phone to update you guys but the problem is that with my sister’s phone is that its kinda…screwy…for instance I cant check my twitter or my little chat-site I use but hopefully shell give me back my laptop that way I can spend all my time with all of you guys and anyone else ive been neglecting!!! Well thats all for now guys I gotta go!!!!

Im sick and it sucks! Thats how you know its gonna be summer real soon in chicago…Oi… And I haven’t been able to do anything due to my mother taking my laptop away for some idiotic reason!!!!!! And ive been sleeping way more than I should and just UGGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im thinking of turning this into an angst blog….hm… I guess I shall then!!!!!!!!